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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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vote for drastic spending cuts and tax hike to secure another e.u. bailout despite days of clashes between police and protesters outside the greek parliament. and as the pressure mounts on syrian president assad we investigate intelligence reports that missiles are being moved from the country under control of the lebanese militant group hezbollah. more than a thousand people injured in clashes with police egyptian capital cairo demonstrators demanding the prosecution of security forces accused of brutality during the mass uprising that led to the ousting of president mubarak and ever. to am in moscow i met treasurer good to have you with us here on r t our top story
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demonstrators are out on the streets of athens tonight anger at the government's approval of fresh austerity measures the center of the greek capital is blanketed with tear gas as gangs set fires and damaged property according to reports at least forty five people were injured in the clashes with reports of many others being detained in the greek parliament voted through the cuts to secure the next twelve billion euro installment to stave off bankruptcy earlier a two day general strike brought the country to a standstill as thousands walked out on their jobs in protest against the cuts financial journalist dimitri kovtun says the government risks being overthrown if it doesn't address the needs of the people. it's calmer now than it was before but it's still extremely violent even right behind me right now there are clashes with police going on. an interesting thing is some some bikers who actually rode down yesterday from northern greece and more and more people got on the on the bandwagon as they came down the road by them people get very excited when they come through
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it's very hopeful so it's i think there's a mix there's a mixture of excitement hope because of the the response but also there's a there's a concern a fear because there's a lot of violence and and that's a concern not only for the protesters obviously who have been injured but also for the government because with these with this type of violence it becomes much more difficult for them to pass a study measures and privatization schemes that are widely unpopular in this country the first memorandum according to scholars here in greece for constitutional scholars and former members of the government they claim that the measure completely unconstitutional the first place because you need one hundred eighty members of parliament to pass this sort of legislation first of all second of all they can pass whatever they like but if the people don't agree to it and that people are not willing to sit down and take it it doesn't really matter what they pass and that's what we're seeing here right now you're going to see a fall of this government at some point i've said if things it really of the violence is a really big issue because if if the violence if this results in casualties not just massive injuries then that's going to that's going to lead to a collapse of this government will that mean that the next government will come in and actually do something productive maybe maybe not but then that government have
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to fall to i don't see the people in this country lying down while greece phases in a new round of cuts and qualifies for more cash donation of knowledge analysts simon young believes the eurozone is still in deep trouble. well certainly of the political level the reaction is very positive indeed chancellor merkel said today this was really a very good piece of news certainly it isn't the end of the world as i understand it we then wait to see whether these measures will have an effect of course everybody here is well aware of the argument that by tightening the screws on the greek population by raising taxes and introducing these other hysterically measures that's not of course the best way to stimulate the economy in greece and what greece really needs is a massive reversal in its economic fortunes right now we need to see huge growth in greece over the next few years and i think. that's less likely to happen
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as a result of what's happened today so a whole lot of other measures are needed and of course there's no reason really to believe that the greek state coffers will be any full as a result of these measures given greece's track record in the past of avoiding paying taxes so tax hikes for instance are probably. the job and the burdens on the greek greece's financial institutions of course will get a lot heavier i don't see this is a short term solution it's certainly medium and long term solution if it is a solution to top the grim economic situation in greece will be high on the to do list for the new head of the international monetary fund france's finance minister christine lagarde she's likely to keep up the institution's old old ways according to daniel ben-ami a veteran financial journalist and editor at fund strategy magazine. i think what we're likely to see from christine lagarde is more of the same which is the i.m.f.
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trying to stabilize problems in the short cut short term deals but not really tackling the fundamental problems with the global economy i think it serves the interests of the western powers so not just europe i mean clearly europe has always had the head of the i.m.f. and continues to. start a deal with the with america's america has the chief role in the world bank even if . carstens had won this time i don't think it would change things that fundamentally because the problem of the i.m.f. is not just that it's headed by a european but a much more fundamentally that this is very short term this narrow technocratic institution to solve a lot of the problems facing the world economy we need political solutions with politicians tackling problems democratically elected politicians but we don't have that so we have a abdicating responsibility it's not just
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a question of where the head of the i.m.f. comes from or where the regional organization here represents but what kind of a look at what kind of institution it is. stay with us here on r t still got lots more coming your way including this old habits die hard. spend and spend find out how tarnished u.s. pristine credit rating might soon become plus. still ahead as france admits dropping weapons to the libyan rebels we talked to the former u.s. diplomat george kenney about possible repercussions. first though israel's military is on edge after intelligence reports of a troop movements in syria and across the border in lebanon it's concerned hezbollah might be moving weapons to strike at the jewish state to divert attention from its ally syrian president bashar al assad artie's policy or takes a look at how the situation in the region threatens to spin further out of control . things are quiet on the israel lebanon border but many suspect it's
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a lull before the storm everything hinges on what happens in neighboring syria and what hizbollah decides to do with its stockpiles there any opposition group that might take over in syria. will definitely consider these belies an enemy is a threat. it's the mass the most logical thing to do all to transfer the weapon they put in syria. to to to to lebanon for years has been found an ally in syrian president bashar assad and so it's no surprise they want him to stay in power but if he goes and those who pressurising him to do so would do well to remember this the regional impact could be terrifying syria are like libya is part of an alliance and that alliance is very wide it begins in iran some elements in iraq's government are part of it the syrian
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regime hezbollah in lebanon and hamas in gaza western intelligence reports suggest hizbollah has already started moving some of its advanced weaponry from its warehouses in syria to its forces in lebanon for fear that assad will be toppled but getting rid of him is one thing dealing with the consequences quite another situation in syria very volatile dangerous collapse the syrian government could be gender group. and israelis fear a new war in the region even if the syrian regime stays tell of a reportedly sent a message to president assad warning him that if he starts a war with israel in order to divert attention from domestic problems israel would target him personally but such a war would also play into the hands of his below as far as we know hizbullah has now accumulated around forty five thousand missiles of various ranges. there is one of the old part of them that in fact the range goes beyond three hundred and well
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it's three hundred fifty kilometers which according to them at least they can reach the whole of the lot in the south of the country which is something israelis know these missiles originated in syria they found their way to lebanon and then they were fired by his below onto the true state back in two thousand and six this museum was set up about a decade ago so that the i.d.f. could display weapons ammunition and items it had captured from israel's enemies on the ground and almost ominous threat the lebanese palestinian and his bill of flags flying on the israeli border the message is clear here no country's immune to what happens to its neighbor and it won't take much to turn the region's put carious peace into all out war policy r.t. israel. france has become the first country to openly admit it supplied the libyan rebels with weapons a french military spokesman said the arms including machine guns and rocket
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propelled grenades were parachuted in by air to be sieged rebel forces former u.s. diplomat george kenney says the consequences of this illegal action are unpredictable. it's completely contrary to the un resolution apparently they've shipped a couple of white tanks into the rebels as well but we don't. very foolish on the part of france because we don't know who these rebels are we don't really know what they're going to do with these weapons and i would suspect that some significant percentage of the weapons will find their way into the hands of terrorists and will just become one other problem for us to have to deal with later on so i regret the fact that the french have done this but it's done and it's another thing that we'll have to deal with. more than a thousand people have been injured in two days of violent protest in egypt the inner us started over the snow pace of the prosecution of police officers accused of brutality during the mass uprising back forever there were that revolution put an end to president hosni mubarak's three decade long rule leaving the country in
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the hands of a military council that they ask of our correspondent for the asia times says many are frustrated by the lack of training. the regime is still in place and the political parties and the political forces were articulating for the next elections they don't care about this they just want to get a nice thing to grab political power later on and do it young generation the connected deal employed young intellectuals of egypt now they're back in the streets again because they see that essentially nothing has changed these people who committed these atrocities in fact they get civilians especially in february. still at large and it's i would say it's a fair bet that they won't be going to trial for the next few months because most of the people who are actually protecting them they still there at the ministry of interior the problem is these new forces in egypt the young intellectuals d.
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unemployed the connected the facebook generation that we are doing aeration they still don't have political participation organized as well but the fact is that the muslim brotherhood is already very well organized even do a progressive a streak of the muslim brotherhood is splintering in the forming their own political party because these young muslim brotherhood people they see that the old generation is still servants and that's absolutely true. but national credit rating companies standard and poor's has threatened to downgrade us standing from aaa to a d. if washington fails to meet its interest repayments congress and the treasury department have until august fourth to raise the country's debt ceiling if it's to avoid a default situation united states national debt amounts to more than fourteen trillion dollars at the moment radio host an analyst ricardo young from voice of russia radio says republicans and democrats must agree on the new measures if the
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country is to avoid a financial crisis unfortunate but the republican side of the party has decided to basically walk out of the talks and what they're saying right now is that president obama needs to show leadership as he said it is a news conference today show leadership on this issue but even he is saying look we've got issues to take care of here we got to get back to the table and talk about this now most economists most analysts agree that at some point before august fourth the national debt ceiling will be raised because if it doesn't there's going to be as many are saying a global effect if america defaults on any of its loans anything that the president of united states says about this economy and its debt problem is that the global markets will react to so in there's no way that he can say this will happen and that'll happen because if he does that obviously the global markets will start reacting to what the president predicts or says so at this point he simply says it should happen it will be bad but he does not get into specifics about what would
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happen but you must remember that this these debt talks it's still about politics you have to see it through the eye of politics the g.o.p. in this country the republicans have said repeatedly that after the two thousand and ten elections their job is to make sure that barack obama is a one term president and so when you look at this issue as grave as it is many believe the republicans are still using it as a political tool to make it look like president barack obama isn't leading that he is the one to cause this problem. for more on this and other stories you can always check out our web site r t dot com here's what's a click away right now. as tension brews between pakistan and the u.s. following the killing of osama bin laden find out about islam of god's latest move . and harboring firsthand account from a survivor of last week's plane crash in russia's republic of korea that killed forty seven people. russian orphans face a tough childhood but being an adult could be even worse the government legally has
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to provide housing for anybody leaving care but as artie's peter all over a ports often that doesn't happen. in dilapidated. this plot looks more like a prime candidate for demolition than a family home but twenty two year old mother of two lena has been told by social services that she's stuck here. perhaps they haven't seen this place inside they keep telling us true parents somehow elite here they showed me a paper on how to build a house i told them that i had no phones i have no job i have to take care of kids and i ended up renting a place they said it's not top problem lena grew up in an orphanage in the city of to be on the russian law she should have received state housing once she left the institution this flat was given to lena's mother by the state and despite having no money she's been told to fix it up but. this is tradition absolutely desperate they
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didn't give me work because i don't have a profession for them i don't exist perhaps hanging myself would be the best thing to do. without even the most basic of a mean ities there's no way that lena family can live here however here is exactly where the thirty's of told her that she should bring up children lena's case isn't unusual those who work with oftens in russia say that it's when they leave the care homes that they need the most help the problem is orphans our kids are of smaller you know when they're little and everybody loves to help their small but presents them. whereas in actual fact they've got bigger than me but they get bigger and that's really where we need to be standing beside them housing is one of those big in need for all things leading care it's also in short supply and which the idea that if we made certain calculations for one region and found out
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that if a child is number ten thousand in the queue for housing it would take them some three and a half thousand years to actually get a flat how can they live like this they're not pharaohs you know. we can't bring them back from the dead and give them an apartment what you're currently only administrative penalties can be imposed on anyone standing in the way of those leaving care getting housing alexander gears a law of a form orphan him self as a campaigner for orphans rights he wants to see the courts more involved he will have the key my faith and we need to change the law in a way to make sure that someone can be held responsible in court in this case the orphanage this will make sure that there is no way a graduating orphan would have to go and live in a rundown home a little. change in the law might help people in the future but lena needs to find a solution right now. i ask them all the mall this is given homes to raise their children why can't i have done it isn't because i didn't do the also because i'm
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not allowed to live because it's forbidden for me to have family some people are trying to help me but to file their efforts have been in vain. to reach. the crew their return of the international space station last month has been holding their traditional meeting at russia's star city outside moscow artie's tom barton went along as well to meet up with flight engineer kathy coleman who became famous for a somewhat unique performance on the station. for six months to do experiments you've been playing your flute to green living and working out. but you know back here on earth i just wanted to ask you about some of the every day things that you have to cope with up so i actually brought flutes from anderson jethro tull and also from the band the chieftains set at two hundred year old irish mint and also a ten whistle and then and then once you get up there you want to share this and mr anderson came up with this a way to play
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a duet together it's been very popular across the world we'll just have a quick listen to to that recording duet. tell us a bit more about how you sorted out just the everyday things that we have to try and sort of say the biggest inconvenience of not having gravity is that everything floats and that can be nice i mean i can move a thousand pound rock abutment by myself and push it across the space station and put it in a new place that floating around part it's not floating it's mine and somebody like me that was never the gymnastic queen you know high school can do all of those things and more and it's just really wonderful to fly. i. georgian opposition leader nino burjanadze has been in brussels recently as part of a round europe trip the visit was aimed at giving an inside account of last month's
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violent police crackdown on protesters burjanadze tells r t that georgia's costly p.r. campaigns can't hide the truth about president saakashvili is coming your way in the interview next. but we could protest aimed at ousting georgian president saakashvili and in violent dispersal of protesters by the riot police joining us now to talk of more about
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that particular circumstance in instances and georgian politics in general is the recognized leader of georgian opposition you know. mr jones you think you very much for joining us today the first question unfortunately will be a somewhat sad one we will have to ask you about the deaths which are attributed to your supporters on the day of their on the night of the protest dispersal could you tell us more about what happened that night people to maybe government will use the force against the demonstrators and the we said many times when we appealed to the population and to the people who are standing in front of the parliament buildings it may be governmental years of course but these people were really very much of a team they many of them said to me and to us the leader so national assembly directly we are ready for. even for you to be the force against us but we will show example for the rest of the population of georgia i think we have
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to fight for our dignity and for our rights but of course nobody was waiting the. government will they use such a brutal force people nobody was waiting this will be just demonstration of force and this will be operation to punish the people who are in front of the parliament the georgian special forces surrounded the people where in trip there was no way out there was no possibility to leave the square. as we understand special forces received special instructions to arrest all demonstrations and then nine hundred demonstrators have. being arrested that night to beat people brutally especially in the hands heads and many people received serious injuries were transported to the hospitals and they had to special instruction and not to allow me the leaders of
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the national assembly to leave. place. so. it was a real punishment to the people and it's not an accidental when one of the main supporters of the war is this mr bender kids who is quote world knowledge even as the place is said that it was a kid is that the government used to such a brutal force against the demonstrations tomorrow as they will think twice until they will participate in any demonstrations so one person our supporters who died despite the fact that the government was broadcasting king t.v. that he died because of car accident which thanks to my cars which is not serious fortunately there were footage which shows that this person had been beaten until the death by ten fifteen special forces representatives and
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you can see these video footage on youtube and on our website what has to change in georgian politics for the country to move forward to step away from its i would say post soviet. style than move forward towards westernized country or to prosper you know i will not say right now that george is a post soviet country it was in two thousand and three into selves and forward to selves and five until two thousand and late two thousand and eight even despite of the war right now it's a typical soviet style country it's enjoyed you're right now it's a real no bullshit. we are all signs of soviet regime while a sheen of elementary constitutional norms. while ation of elementary human rights control of media. police which is just doing everything
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despite of legal obligations if it's coming from from the political decisions towards a typical soviet country where every person who is against the regime is the enemy of the country i remember in soviet time even when i was small. not afterwards during that period but before i read it in the books but every person who was criticizing soviet regime was. support us or. secret agent of imperioli right now in georgia it's the same you can change the words imperialism always russia and every person who is criticizing saakashvili and who is against his regime all of them just beginning for me it's a very serious place we russia friendly we are just traders we are enemies of the people everything the same and you can't imagine
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that it was in former soviet you. enjoyed your people right now not everybody of course for. many people are afraid even to call to your place to ask you how are you so afraid to come to the funerals if. it's a family of so people who are not just agree with this regime and if you have a different point of view if you are supporters of a position you have huge reach very high res to lose their job to find find in your pocket drugs or gun and you have a high risk to be. only just outside of your polling told but real life to watch so this is a typical soviet country modernized i call it to modernize the soviet union. which is the rulings right now in my country we're wishing you the best in all your
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endeavors thank you very much for coming in the talking to us again thank you. twenty years ago largest country. just to see. what had been. began a journey. where did it take them. if
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. it is. if. the person you want to order. this is truly still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the issue to the soviet files on ot see. if. the ship would be soon which brightened if you mean.


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